The Drug Development Timeline and Vanton Services

From Drug Discovery to Product Launch, Vanton can help you develop custom, patentable products.

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From: Drug Discovery

Drug Substance

– Soluability
– Drug Sensitivity
Drug Stability

Product Development

Novel Formulations
Novel Delivery Systems
Product Development
Patent Strategy


Methods Development /Validation
GMP Analyses – Datasheet System
Stability Testing
Non-Conventional Analysis


GLP Manufacturing
Pre-IND Documents

Clinical Manufacturing (Phase I, II, III)

GMP Manufacturing
– Tablets/Capsules
– Transdermal Patches
– Liquids /Creams
IND CMC Documents

Stability Program

Clinical Stability Program
– Assay/Content Uniformity
– Dissolution
– Purity
– Hardness/Water content
– Microbial Testing
To: NDA / Product Launch

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